Kas’s artistic practice lies in collaborations between design, storytelling and movement. I embrace the awkwardness of our body and would like to see beauty in it by enhancing it. How do we move with materials that are not our own. I see the fact that we transform material into new objects as something that makes us unique as human beings.

By means of alternative visions of the future I raise ideas about several subjects like technology and human obsessiveness.


2017-2020   Product Design, ArtEZ Arnhem 

2012-2016   Interaction design, Graphic Lyceum Utrecht


2018   Exhibition jewelry, FDFA Arnhem

2018   Material research workshop, Ecco Leather

2019   Internship, Sander Wassink

2021   Prothesis Gallivantis, Manifestations, Dutch Design Week, nomination Young Talent Award 2021