Prothesis Gallivantis

Connecting dance and design

Prothesis Gallivantis plays with fascination on how humans have had the urge to lengthen and improve our body since the beginning of time. Humans always thinks in progress and development, not only when the body no longer functions properly, but also as aesthetic solutions.  How our mind connects with body extensions is a fascinating given.

I want to question the quality and context of the body extension. These pieces create an image where prosthetics could be used to intimidate and stroll. With that it questions an outdated view of prostheses, namely one where they are seen as clumsy and inhumane. You can feel akin to almost all extensions you appropriate yourself, body or not. Where we have already succeeded with functional prostheses, my pieces are purely impressional. 

My collection consists of enlarged prosthetic outfits that are used in film and dance. The actions that the wearers can perform question the maximum kinetic nature that humans can develop with its body. Among other things; How an abundance of arms can create elegance, how a fluid extension can be hypnotic and how expanding your body can create beautiful shapes.

We see these ideas a lot in literature and sci-fi too, but in a fictitious way. Prostheses rather create images of strength acquisition and dexterity. These kinds of ideas are becoming more and more realistic these days, but they are not the only reasons for developing prosthetics. Protheses are becoming displays of pride, a victory. Think of Paralympic athletes who are proud of their mechanical limbs and make choices to adapt them aesthetically in addition to their functional functioning.